“As a busy lawyer handling substantial cases, the last thing I want to worry about is the court reporter. Like most lawyers, I look for three basic
characteristics in a reporter: accuracy in the transcript, promptness in
showing up for the deposition, and a pleasant yet professional attitude. In 37
years as a trial lawyer, I have never encountered any reporting agency that
delivers all three better or more consistently than Jack Daniel and her team at
Black Label. But Jack offers something much more– innovation beyond the
deposition transcript itself . Whether it’s the latest in document organization
and  retrieval systems or matching the transcript with the videotape of
the deposition on the same screen, I can count on Jack Daniel to figure out
some way to make my depositions, and my practice, better and more efficient. I
can’t imagine my professional life without her. “

                                                                                           Scott E. Charnas

                                                                                           Charnas Law Firm, P.C.

                                                                                           Boston, MA | New York, NY



Court Reporting for the 21st Century




"As a civil and criminal litigator and trial attorney, I have worked with Jack Daniel, almost exclusively, for nearly 30 years.  As a lawyer making extensive use of information technology myself, I have been able to depend on Jack’s innovation and technical expertise.  She has always been a pioneer in finding new and advanced ways to serve her clients.  She was among the first reporters adept at real-time reporting, a tremendous asset in taking depositions of uncooperative, evasive, equivocating or obstreperous witnesses or in conducting an examination concerning highly technical subjects.  More than that, Jack strongly believes in highly responsive client service and has found innovative ways to expand her range of services beyond the range of traditional court reporting while always adhering to the highest standards of excellence."  

                                                                                                               Bruce Edmands

                                                                                                               EdmandsWilliams, LLP

                                                                                                               Boston, MA